We have all seen an explainer video but what are they actually doing to evoke a response from us? What are we susceptible to when using an explainer video and what does it need to contain to keep us engaged? Because the aim of the game is to increase engagement with customers and ultimately increase conversion. This can be done numerous ways using animated videos or text based videos. Both are great but neither really benefits over the other as they both have uses in certain settings.

Explainer Videos Explained???

We have just setup a new advert that is not really the best of adverts but is funny for people to watch, and also plays on certain things that may evoke a response. Have a look:

So why show you that? It is just a basic video we used on Facebook to try win some clients. We got  agreat response from it initially but then when we decided to boost the post we got a way better response.

People didn’t comment they called. That to us was golden as they were on the line ready to make a purchase.

Types Of Explainer Content

There are two main type’s of content animated and text as we said before neither is more beneficial than the other just when explaining sometimes you want the text to appear just incase sound is off. You can have a beatiful voice over but no one will ever hear it or vice versa.

Explainer Videos For Marketing

We touched on a few ideas there that we have used in the past and the ROI can be potentially huge. The best thing about a video is it can be posted almost anywhere and can usually be traced back to the source. For marketing purposes you can actually let your product sell it’s self in what ever way you like.

Explainer videos don’t have to actually be about your products or services they can be about what you have to offer outside of this. So what people can expect to get as a return or quality of life.

Urgency is alway a good key factor to add into any marketing material as theres no time like the present.

We will be going into more depth on this very soon but if you would like anymore information hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.


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