Are SEO microsites like property management? And do they really work? What types of microsites work? What categorically does not work? We have recently completed a ton of research into ranking microsites and how they influence the rankings of other sites and most importantly if they increase conversion. 

The system we have used is our own and consisted of a programmed microsites setup that was self replicating and a stand alone setup so we could gather data on whether a static page worked better or a site with content combinations.

Our Idea…

Our idea initially was to create hundreds of microsites aimed at certain niches to see which would bring back the most conversion for our main site based on doing the same SEO for each. Time consuming yes! 

So what we did was built a self replicating PHP site where we only had to change a few variables to target different niches. We also programmed in a few other factors to script so it no two sites loaded the same content. Even down to the CSS classes changing so the actual site appeared different.

The static HTML site was exactly that and we had to create numerous templates for this to test. 

The Stats Kinda…

So we created over 100 microsites all aimed at different niches. Some with keyword based domains and some with no relation.

We also pointed them all at each other like a network but created a static PHP file that contained all the links in a directory type base. 

We included a 4 link s on each page that directed straight back to one single domain that had never been used to find out if it would actually create enough power to get a domain to rank with no content for the keywords we chose.

So over 100 domains we had 40 pages on each which means we had 16000 links back to the site in theory that are perfectly targeted and setup to compete with a keyword that is ranked as highly difficult to compete with.

So to make it a little easier we chose a certain keyword we wanted to rank for and stuck to that keyword throughout.

What’s Property Got To Do With It?

Well like property development or management the more properties you have the more profit you will make. 

So the theory was initially that the more web based property you have the more likely you will make more profit as you are spreading yourself over a much vaster area on the web.

Some would argue diluting the web further but you can make content informative and engaging instead of the boring old text based microsites.Creating engaging content will inevitably make people visit your site. 

What’s the difference between this and a blog network? This is not about blogging this is about automated content that betters conversion and betters content you already have by using the heavy weighted microsites that quickly becomes established on the web.


We deployed the sites in batches of 20 in order to be able to spend enough time on each. The average setup time and SEO time was 2 hours on each.

We worked out that initial sites done with our system wouldn’t cost more than £500 to produce and £150 to deploy a new site based on the original content so actually a brilliantly inexpensive conversion tool.

With customers paying an average of £270 per month for local SEO we can pretty much deploy a new site per month that gains mass authority for them thus building the main domain authority.

As we said the sites we built to be easy to flip and replicate with either random content loading that is useful to the niche that was pretty programmed or we can load set data at intervals.

The Results…

This may come as a surprise but the microsites quickly got ranked this even surprised us. We had built them to load in less than half a second, amp ready and with some cleverly built content we had spent weeks writing.

Within a week one of the sites had actually ranked on the first page of Google just below our main site. This was a surprise as it was not what we wanted or expected. We usually launch a site and when it goes into Google we expect page three to eight to be the norm till it settles in.

So we started tracking the rest to find we had actually ranked 13 out of the first 20 in the first page of Google with no SEO done more than adding it to Google, and a link in a blog a single link.

We carried on with the SEO for each site as we had planned and spent two hours on each doing the same for each.

After a month the sites all started to settle in and all the sites gained a decent amount of ground. We have already got a third of the sites into the top 3 in Google for the niche and the rest are spread across the first two pages.

The Results For The Main Site…

Again much to our surprise the site ranked immediately in Google’s first page for the keywords we chose. It was much to our surprise as we had put the most minimal content compared to all competitors but we did learn after the competition had very low domain authority just established domains.

We have perfected this system now so it directs traffic in the right way and manipulates SERPs so as not to lose rankings.

In all the microsites worked 10 times faster than we expected or traditional SEO techniques would work. But saying that they had to be built perfectly in order to work in the way we wanted.

Not just any WordPress site or templated theme would work as they are to widely used and not individual enough.

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